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Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Gilbert Loomis was a loving wife, mother, daughter and caregiver to many. Kathleen helped to take care of her father, great-aunt, and great-uncle until they each passed away. She also worked as a professional caregiver for several years. However, she wanted so very much to be able to have children of her own. When several different avenues did not work, she and her husband (Michael) decided to foster a child. It was not long before they were adopting three girls and fostering several other children (including special needs children). Unfortunately, Kathleen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was just 45 in 2007 and passed away a little over a year later. Her dying wish was to not be forgotten. As a result, Raising Hope for Others, Inc. was formed in her memory and continues to care for others just as Kathleen did during her life time.

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