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This Year's Recipient: Nikki Lyons

Meet our 2023 recipient – Nikki Lyons. Nikki is a 30 year old kidney transplant patient, currently in kidney failure and waiting for her second transplant. Unfortunately, in part due to Covid-19, her original transplant was rejected. 

Nikki is ambitious and passionate about helping find better treatments and cures for pediatric brain cancer. While on dialysis she has continued to advocate and participate in research as best she can.

Once recovered from her next transplant - currently scheduled for June 29, 2023, it is her intention to begin her MD/PhD in Pediatric Neurooncology focusing on the deadliest childhood brain cancers.

As a student who has aged out of her parents' health insurance, Nikki's bills are minimally covered and her sole responsibility. She wants nothing more than to make a difference in this world and hopes financial burdens will not steal her dreams. 

Past Recipients

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2007: Kathleen Loomis (pre 501c3 status)

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