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This Year's Recipient: Elizabeth (Beth) Puskas

Mee our 2022 recipient – Elizabeth (Beth) Puskas. In March 2022, she was hospitalized with kidney failure. While her kidney issues resolved with some medical attention, doctors found multiple tumors in her lower abdomen and later diagnosed her with gynecological cancer. Since then, she has begun chemotherapy and pending the success of chemotherapy, there is a chance she will need to undergo surgery to remove the tumors.


Beth has been an active supporter of Raising Hope for Others, Inc. since its inception. She enjoys spending time with friends and family – whether it is listening to live music, playing cards or winning trivia week after week – as well as giving back to the community.


As with previous years, in addition to supporting Beth, funds raised will support nonprofit organizations such as The Lustgarten Foundation, The Cancer Institute, Mary’s Place by the Sea and The Phillip Frank Memorial Scholarship. 

Past Recipients

2021: Sharon Condiracci

2020: Kylie Drew

2019: Richard “RJ” Thompson
2018: Charli Leventhal
2017: Marie DeWoolf
2016: Sheila McMahon
2015: Victoria Breuer
2014: Seamus Tierney
2013: Nancy Radzewick
2012: Debra Musolino
2011: Tara Palamia
2010: Peter Jastrzembski & Gabriel Garcia
2009: Christy Jarosz
2008: Jesse Siegel
2007: Kathleen Loomis (pre 501c3 status)

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